>> Carlo Rossetti’s Corea, 1902-1903
may 9 - june 22
9 may - 22 june
>> Carlo Rossetti
Curator: Diego Mormorio
Produced by Italian Geographic Society

In February 1904, at the Italian Geographic Society, in the presence of his majesty the King of Italy, lieutenant Carlo Rossetti delivered several speeches on Korea, and displayed a series of extraordinary pictures that he had taken in 1902-1903. Lieutenant Rossetti was the Italian consul in Seul in 1902, and he flew back to that country the year after. As a diplomat, his encounter with the Korean society had been fairly simple. Due to his deep curiosity and his talent for photography, Carlo Rossetti was encouraged to study the country in depth. Beside the beautiful images that witness the beauty of Korea, he also documented the traditions and customs of this country. Following these two conferences, Carlo Rossetti donated two photo albums and some glass slides to the Italian Geographic Society. The almost fifty pictures exposed in this exhibition come from this donation.

Carlo Rossetti

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